ESPA Core Values

Vision – What ESPA will strive to do or become?

Promote the harmonization of quality specifications and trade requirements for animal serum products based on international standards.

Values – What do ESPA and our members stand for?

  • Honesty, trust, and credibility – commitments from all member companies to comply with the code of ethics and conduct. Uphold laws of countries where serum is collected and processed. 
  • Transparency – open and honest communication within ESPA as an organization, among ESPA members, and with clients and all stakeholders.
  • Control of Supply Chain – Verification of the entire production flow of animal serum starting from the collection of raw components to delivering the final product to the consumer.
  • Equal participation – full consideration of the interests and ideas of all member companies.
  • Equality – avoid the appearance of promoting one or more companies or products over others.
  • Cost conservation – in the administrative costs of the association. 
  • Science-based policies and recommendations, and truthfulness in advertising.
  • Education and awareness – of the public, regulators, and clients.