Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum

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– Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: Validation of Efficacy for Pathogen Reduction and Assessment of Impacts on Serum Performance

By Mark Plavsic, Raymond Nims, Marc Wintgens, and Rosemary Versteegen

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– Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: Theoretical Basis of Impacts of Gamma Irradiation on Biological and Synthetic Polymers
By Karl Hemmerich, Randy Fitzgerald, Dennis Hallett, Raymond Nims, and Rosemary Versteegen

Posted online : Bioprocessing Journal – Volume 18, Open Access (January 2019)

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–  Validation of γ-radiation and ultraviolet as a new inactivators for foot and mouth disease virus in comparison with the traditional methods,

Mahdi SE, Hassanian AI, El-Din WMG, Ibrahim EE, Fakhry HM (2015) – Veterinary World 8(9): 1088-1098.

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– Utilizacion de inactivantes quimicos en el suero bovino empleado como suplemento en cultivos celulares*

Maria Cristina Ramirez D. Gustavo Arbelaez R. Victor Vera A. Luis Carlos Villamil J. Gloria C. Ramirez N. 

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